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I wanted to post my favorite wedding movies in hopes of giving you a break from wedding planning and to sit back and laugh at the behind the scenes of the industry. I seek out wedding related movies. I am obsessed with them. It is a quirk of mine and has been deemed odd by many, seeing that I work 24/7 in the industry itself. These movies feature some great laughs and are highly recommended for popcorn eating, pajama wearing, couch ridden fun.



It is the reality of the drama that may occur when you introduce a group of ¬†girls together from all different walks of life. From your desperately single friend to the rich housewife married to your fiance’s boss, each friend resembles a different facet of the bride’s personality. My favorite part is when they get food poisoning during dress fitting at an upscale boutique bridal salon…sounds like a horrible time but the writers managed to make this scene so hilarious that you will have yourself in stitches.


I have watched and quoted this movie repeatedly without the issue of someone being tired of hearing it. It is an absolutely hilarious film about the things that can go wrong (or right) during a NYC bachelorette party among old high school friends.


Wedding Crashers

If you haven’t seen this movie yet….we have bigger problems! This movie is an all around the best for comedic laughs. It is exactly as the title describes it, crashing weddings. This movie though features two single guys who do it on a full time basis. Full of jokes and of course sexual humor, this movie will keep you laughing and talking about it for weeks.

The Big Wedding

I just recently watched this movie the other night and found myself doing the obnoxious (out loud) belly laughing through this movie which actually surprised me a bit. I have read the synopsis and passed over it multiple times on my Amazon and Netflix accounts. Well, the other night I was absolutely bored and a bit burnt out from editing and decided to play it as there was nothing else that looked remotely interesting. It has been a long time since I can say that a movie surprised me and I think whoever wrote the synopsis should be fired. Just saying… anyways, the movie is about this HUGE highly dysfunctional family during the week before and on the wedding day. There are a lot of sexual crude humor, sarcastic jokes, and great seasoned actors in this film and is highly recommended. Just give it literally five minutes of your time and you will find yourself glued to your television set, laughing the entire time.

My Big Fat Greek Wedding

One of my ALL-TIME favorite wedding movies. Coming from a HUGE Sicilian family made this movie even funnier. I can probably compare each character with a family member of my own! This definitely makes the list!

16 Candles

An oldie but a classic! Remember Long Duck Dong? HAHA! I hope I don’t have to explain much about this movie as everyone and their awkward younger brother watched this movie multiple times growing up. One scene that has me laughing always is the part where the older sister takes too many muscle relaxers and attempts to walk down the aisle! It is quite the laugh. (laughing as I am typing this).

Runner Ups

Although these movies did not make my top six favorites, they are still binge-worthy!

Bride Wars

Runaway Bride

Wedding Date

My Best Friend’s Wedding

27 Dresses

The Proposal

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