Be yourself – Start with your own personal style. Think about the clothing styles you currently have and the stores where you normally shop. Wearing clothes that look good on you will ensure meaningful photos that are true reflections of who you are as individuals.

Consider the setting of where your shoot will take place. Will it be at the park, your home, or somewhere else? Imagine your setting and the types of colors that will be there. Since the setting will end up being the background of your photos, it has a big impact on your overall look. For example, if you plan to have the shoot at a garden, wearing floral outfits might not be the best idea because you would blend in and get lost in the busy background. Ideally, you want to match but not match so much that you become the background.


Choosing a great location is one of the most important pieces of setting your photo shoot. The backdrop you select will set the stage for the entire session and will be an essential piece of every shot, pose and, ultimately, the finished product. We recommend picking a spot that’s special to you, either a spot you love, somewhere you frequent or a place that best represents your family.

Personal Favorites

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Engagement Sessions on the Blog:

Kelly and Kyle | Point State Park Engagement Session

Reflecting back... Kelly and Kyle's Engagement Session We almost didn't go through with this session. The forecast and even the radar was showing clear skies however I was getting physical texts from people that it was raining and even hailing in and around downtown...

Scott and Courtney|Allegheny Commons Park

Reflecting back Reflecting back on the wedding day I was looking forward to working with Scott and Courtney, especially after having to reschedule their engagement session. We originally had Washington's Landing or also known as Herr's Island scheduled for our...

Coleman & Brittni | Naples Beach

PHOTOGRAPHER'S NOTES... Whenever I have a chance to travel to my hometown of Naples, Florida, I take it. I love this town as it has my favorite people in it (my family). When Brittni told me she wanted her engagement session done around Thanksgiving in Naples, I was...

Michael and Nikki | Hartwood Acres Engagement Session

Post Engagement Reflection Reflecting back on the engagement session Michael and Nikki had their Hartwood Acres engagement session just weeks before their wedding date. We had so much fun working with each other and sharing the location with many other photographers....

Shawn and Cortney |South Park Engagement Session

Post Engagement Reflection Reflecting back on the engagement session After many rescheduling attempts due to rain, we finally had our chance at a South Park engagement session. It was a cool and breezy day during the fall season for this session and with the weather...

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