Hello! My name is Maria Angela and welcome to my online home where I get to showcase my life’s work from the past ten years in business. I started out in sunny (and humid!) Naples, Florida in 2008. I fled the heat and humidity in 2014, to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and have been absolutely in love with this city ever since.

Prior to starting my business in the wedding industry, I grew up as an artist hand-drawing portraits for anyone and everyone and studied Graphic Design at Art Institute of Ft. Lauderdale. After leaving college, I stumbled upon the art of photography and quickly began to teach myself by secretly borrowing my dad’s SLR camera (sorry dad!) and combining trial-and-error picture taking with studying of manuals and various photography books. After I was comfortable with the camera, it only took one wedding for me to become hooked and a few months later, I incorporated and insured my business and began to take on clients full-time.

Ten years later, I have traveled for weddings from the Riviera Maya in Mexico all the way to the Oregon coast, over to beautiful upstate New York and everything in between. I have won over a dozen awards for the quality of service I have provided to my clients and have been inducted into a hall of fame. I am thankful for every publication featuring my work which span over dozens of magazines, websites, and blogs, and have even had some of my work shown on a MTV documentary! So until we officially meet, please feel free to get to know me better through facebook, instagram (mariaangela6611), or Pinterest (mariaangela).