Matt and Julie | Heinz Chapel | Pittsburgh Airport Marriott Wedding

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Interview with the bride

Bride looks back on her wedding day

Maria: Why did you choose Heinz Chapel for your ceremony?

Julie: Both Matt and I loved Heinz Chapel. It is completely gorgeous and we knew it would please my mom and his dad to have a Catholic ceremony there.


Maria: Why did you choose the Pittsburgh Airport Marriott for your reception?

Julie: We wanted somewhere near the airport because we had so many out of town guests invited. We immediately liked it and loved the wedding coordinator.


Maria: Did you face any issues while planning your wedding?

Julie: We definitely came across a couple of obstacles during the whole process, but the main one was the guest list and who to invite.


Maria: Did everything go as planned on your wedding day?

Julie: I honestly cannot think of anything that did not go according to plan. If it did, than it was too unimportant to notice.


Maria: What was your favorite moment from you wedding day?

Julie: When Matt read his vows to Audrey (daughter) and when my cousins, aunts, and I had an impromptu dance.


Maria: Any advice or tips to give to a Bride-to-Be?

Julie: Just to enjoy your day. It goes by way too quickly.

Vendor Information

Information on those who helped make this day a success.

Ceremony Venue: Heinz Chapel

Reception Venue: Pittsburgh Airport Marriott

Florist: Parkway Florist

DJ: Lethal DJ Services

Cake Designer: Carol’s Cakes

Reception Venue Contact Person: Ashleen Wilwohl

Bride’s Dress Designer: Justin Alexander

Bride’s Shoes: Thalia

Bride’s Dress StoreBridal Beginning

Getting Ready

Pittsburgh Airport Marriott


The wedding ceremony was held at Heinz Chapel in downtown Pittsburgh

Wedding Portraits

Wedding portraits were done at Heinz Chapel, the CMU columns, and North Shore in downtown Pittsburgh



Wedding reception was held at the Pittsburgh Airport Marriott


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