Kelly and Kyle | Point State Park Engagement Session

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Reflecting back…

Kelly and Kyle’s Engagement Session

We almost didn’t go through with this session. The forecast and even the radar was showing clear skies however I was getting physical texts from people that it was raining and even hailing in and around downtown Pittsburgh. I made the executive decision to not reschedule and met with Kelly and Kyle in an alleyway in downtown Pittsburgh, just blocks away from Point State Park. We did a few shots at that locations before heading over to the fountain for some amazing sunset photos. Facing Heinz Field, you had clear skies with an orange burst of light coming from the setting sun. If you turned completely around and faced the opposite direction, you had this sky that was just absolutely wicked. The previous storm clouds were clearing out and the sky was just pink, purple, and blue. These photos of the sunset that are featured below are almost straight out of the camera! I only sharpened them a bit, noise reduced, and brightened them up in some areas. Totally worth pushing through for this session! 

Downtown Pittsburgh

Point State Park

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