Justin and Aimee | Iron Mills Farmstead Wedding

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Post wedding 

Looking back on the wedding day

I was asked to be a second photographer for Jessica Lee Marsh Photography this past September at the IronMills Farmstead. I have never been in this area before and almost found myself driving towards the back of the property where an event was taking place. What looked like a fair or carnival. Thankfully I found my way to Jessica and we started with the bride for her getting ready. The day was such a blast and it was my first time not being a lead photographer so it was definitely a change for me. Especially with shooting without an assistant. I didn’t realized how spoiled I was until now. lol. Even without my second pair of hands,  I truly enjoyed it and now offer my services on weekends that I am not booked, to do second shooting.
Aimee has since become friends with me through facebook and I am so happy to post some of her favorites from her wedding day that I have photographed. They are not the entire set of photos but just a handful of her personal favorites. Wishing Justin and Aimee the best and cannot wait for their next visit to the Pittsburgh area!

Photoshop Fun

I decided to have some fun with photo manipulation in Photoshop. This was my gift to Aimee and Justin (photo of Justin lifting Aimee). I inserted the sky, the field they are in, and the sun rays. 

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