Ben and Valerie | Heinz Chapel and Phipps Conservatory Wedding

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Interview with the bride

Bride looks back on her wedding day

Maria: Why did you choose Heinz Chapel and Phipps Conservatory as your venue, why not have it all at the conservatory?

Valerie: We wanted our ceremony to occur in a place we both felt was sacred and the reception in a setting for guests to be entertained and party. Many of our guests were visiting Pittsburgh for the very first time so we wanted to showcase these stunning landmarks.

 Maria: What was your favorite moment from your wedding day?

Valerie: So many favorite moments! Our flower girl showing off her wiggly front tooth (we had lots of dentists in attendance!)…the groom’s cousin from Korea tearing up the dance floor with moves that put PSY to SHAME…trying to airplane the groom’s piece of cake to his mouth and watching it splat on the floor #nailedit.

Maria: What was the biggest obstacle you faced while planning your wedding or on the wedding day?

Valerie: The ultimate heist operation that was getting my Grandma out of the nursing home for a few hours! She was our VIP guest and it was worth every moment of logistic planning to ensure she traveled safely and felt comfortable.

 Maria: Is there anything you would change, looking back at your wedding day?

Valerie: Never enough cookies on the cookie table!

 Maria: Any advice to future brides while they plan their wedding?

Valerie: The Knot app was super helpful to keep ‘ticking off the boxes’ of planning items month-by-month (then day-by-day). Remember to delegate and ENJOY every moment!

Vendor Information

Information on those who helped make this day a success.

Florist: Allison McGreary

Cake: Fenoglietto’s – strawberry champagne

Hair: Bridget Kohan

Makeup: Valerie Panei

Dress Designer: Venus

Dress Store: Carlisle’s of Pittsburgh

Shoes: Kate Spade

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