I just got done photographing my first wedding solo yesterday. I was sooo nervous. I am used to my assistant/husband being by my side, handing lenses to me…and putting his own creative input in. I have to say though…I did a very good job! There was a videographer there and together we got the shots we wanted. She even did a couple of poses I didn’t even think of. It was nice. I can not wait to upload this wedding to my website. The presidential ballroom, although small, was GORGEOUS! One whole side of the room was covered with huge windows from ceiling to floor on the tenth floor (penthouse level) overlooking the St. Pete Beach! I caught myself a couple of times dazing out across the ocean watching the sunset and the seagulls fly by the large windows! Wow! There was mouth watering fresh sushi there (my fav and thanks to the groom..I got to eat some), a BEAUTIFUL beach inspired cake with colorful natural starfish and seashells. I actually got there early from a three hour drive and spent a good hour just having fun shooting all the details and taking photos of the room itself. I love being inspired….being inspired gave me over four hundred photos to work with for a three hour wedding! LOVE IT.

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