To Have a First Look or not?

Wedding trends come and go quite often in the wedding industry. The Gatsby craze was my fave by far! The decadent golds against bold hues such as black and emerald green. Or the gorgeous Art Deco inspired accessories and flapper-isc wedding gowns. *sigh* 

In 2010, there was a new trend emerging among weddings in the South Florida area. This trend had brides meeting with their grooms before the ceremony, like a reveal or first look. Then, while emotions are high, portraits are done. Almost a quarter of all my weddings that year (50 total) had couples requesting this. As a photographer, I couldn’t have been happier. More time for creative portraits? Yes Please!

It did not take long for this to become popular among brides. Those who didn’t want one, which became few and far between, were now considered “traditional. 

So what if you are more of a traditional bride and would like to wait?  Well there is a NEW emerging trend that I am starting to see in the wedding industry and it is fairly loved and favored by many of my more traditional couples! It is very similar to a REVEAL, however the groom does not see the bride during this time. He may touch and hear her, but cannot see her. A “Blindfolded” reveal. This option makes way for some unique reactions which are fun to capture on camera. 

For all of my non-traditional brides, there are many advantages to having your formal portraits done prior to your wedding nuptials. I have outlined some of my favorite reasons below. If you find yourself wanting to know more about how to do a first look or reveal on your wedding day, let me know by shooting me an email. I would be more than happy to discuss options and answer any questions you may have!

Why you may need a ‘First look’:


Some of my clients shudder at the thought of family and friends peering over their shoulders while they do their formal “Bride and Groom” portraits. The sheer thought of having to be kissy-kissy and lovey dovey in front of others who may shout out “Ooh’s and Awe’s” in the distance is something that can be quite nerve wracking for the more shy personalities. To avoid such an announced public display of affection in front of loved ones, they opt to see each other before guests arrive and the ceremony starts. They notice that their time together is much quieter and not as chaotic or distracting. As a result, you have two people madly in love and quite emotional over it as they both know in as little as an hour or two they are going to be united forever as husband and wife. It’s amazing to witness and even more so to photograph.


Those who are not shy with their P.D.A. (Public Displays of Affection) or those who may be paying for the wedding themselves, usually are the ones that are more concerned with having the ability to enjoy their cocktail hour rather than be stuck somewhere doing formal portraits. If you are wanting to enjoy all of your cocktail hour then having all formal portraits done beforehand including family and wedding party would be ideal. 


If PDA or missing cocktail hour is not a huge deal for you, then maybe its the time allotted for portraits during your cocktail hour. What if your venue has a gorgeous golf course, a beautiful spiral staircase, a nature trail, and a jaw-dropping lake with a small waterfall. How on earth could you manage to take advantage of all your venue has to offer when you only have a limited time during cocktail hour?

This is where it pays off to have a first look prior to your wedding ceremony. With having portraits done prior to your nuptials, we can allott as much time as you want and use as much of your venue location as possible!

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