The wedding is finally done and here are some of my favs! Such a fun wedding and I had a blast photographing them. It was definitely cold out though! Felt as if it were 40 degrees out, vast difference compared to Florida weather at that time!

Fairchild Wedding_Low Res-005Fairchild Wedding_Low Res-010Fairchild Wedding_Low Res-033Fairchild Wedding_Low Res-084Fairchild Wedding_Low Res-086Fairchild Wedding_Low Res-238Fairchild Wedding_Low Res-231Fairchild Wedding_Low Res-205Fairchild Wedding_Low Res-204Fairchild Wedding_Low Res-363

Fairchild Wedding_Low Res-367Fairchild Wedding_Low Res-267Fairchild Wedding_Low Res-344Fairchild Wedding_Low Res-346Fairchild Wedding_Low Res-356

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