Josh and Bethany | The Barn at Madison Wedding

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Getting Ready

Getting ready was at the Barn at Madison where the reception was. The atmosphere when I arrived was very family oriented and intimate, meaning I felt like it was Bethany’s house I was at more than an actual wedding venue. Not because of how the place looked or that it was located within a neighborhood, surrounded by regular houses, but because her loved ones and herself were running around the house decorating and getting things together for the wedding reception. They looked as if they were as comfortable as if they were home. It was a nice change of pace for this wedding photographer here!


Bethany and Josh had their ceremony earlier in the year, out in California. They wanted to have their reception in Pittsburgh for their east coast family and friends. The Barn at Madison was definitely a unique venue hidden within a neighborhood in Madison, Pa – just outside of New Stanton.

Foot Washing Ceremony

I have always been a huge fan of the different cultures and traditions that come along in the wedding industry. I love learning about them and of course capturing moments of how they are implemented or carried through within a wedding. With that said, personally, I hate feet and I don’t use the word ‘hate’ very often. However, this was the absolute coolest thing I have seen incorporated into a wedding just because of the symbolism associated with it.

Wedding Portraits

Josh and Bethany wanted to wait till around sunset for their wedding portraits since that time of day is considered optimal for portrait lighting. We used various locations around the venue which made it super eaasy for the bride and groom to sneak away from their wedding reception.


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