Interview with the Bride

Maria: Why did you choose the Burrough’s Home as your venue?
Brooke: The unique and romantic setting made it an easy choice for us. The home and the grounds are so naturally beautiful it made a perfect backdrop for our wedding.
Maria: What was your favorite moment from your wedding day?
Brooke: The entire day was magical, but Nick and I agree that we would love to relive when I walked down the aisle to him. Even though we had about 100 guests, it felt like it was just Nick, my father, and myself in that moment. It was surreal, and I loved it.
Maria: What was the biggest obstacle you faced while planning your wedding or on the wedding day?
Brooke: Well, it can be summed up in one word “rain”. The last couple of weeks leading up to the wedding the forecast for Fort Myers could not make up its mind. One day it was sunny and clear, the next, a high probability of isolated thunderstorms. Both the ceremony and reception were planned to be and had to be outdoors pretty much, therefore I was freaking out. Finally, we decided it would be best to rent a tent to alleviate the stress and to ensure our vendors had enough time to set up. It ended up being the perfect setting and I am so happy now that we chose to do so.
Maria: Is there anything you would change, looking back at your wedding day?
Brooke: Honestly, not a thing. Everything happened how it was meant to happen.
Maria: Any advice to future brides while they plan their wedding?
Brooke: I know it is an overused phrase, but truly, enjoy the day. This is the one day you and your soon-to-be husband get to celebrate your love with not only each other but all of your family and guests. If the bride and the groom are relaxed it sets the mood for the guests to be relaxed and enjoy the wedding. Oh, and don’t let the details eat you alive. They can,and they will if you let them!

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