Interview with the Bride

St. Paul Cathedral is the most beautiful church I have ever seen and was our first choice when I learned that my home parish was undergoing renovation. The stained glass windows and altar are breathtaking and gave a gorgeous scenery for our ceremony. It is also in Oakland, which is a special place for us since we both went to Pitt and already have memories in the area 🙂

The Westin Hotel was the first and only venue we toured since it had everything we wanted. The location was close to our ceremony venue, the package included catering, and guests could easily book rooms for after the ceremony. The wedding coordinator and staff were so incredibly helpful and organized and made sure everything flowed smoothly throughout the day.

Even though we were engaged for about four years, I spent the majority of that time in school at Ohio State, so it was a little difficult making appointments with vendors and finding time to put together all the little details in between studying!

For the most part the entire day went as planned and I was pretty calm! Only small things like not knowing where the tossing bouquet was (it was wheeled out with our cake) and having a different song than I picked for part of the mass occurred which were very small and relatively insignificant things looking back!

I don’t think I would have changed anything! We were very happy with the day and enjoyed every second of it!

It’s hard to pick just one! I really enjoyed taking the pictures outside the Cathedral of Learning, dancing with my best friends to my favorite songs, and relaxing with my bridal party and a Guinness during the cocktail hour 🙂

Take time a few days before the wedding to relax and treat yourself! Whether its taking a nap or shopping for the honeymoon, its more important to be well rested and stress-free as you get closer to the big day! Realize that if something doesn’t go just as planned, there isn’t anything you can do to change it and, most importantly, none of your guests will every notice so worrying isn’t worth it! The day will go by so fast so make sure you take in every moment!

Vendor Information

Ceremony Venue: St. Paul’s Cathedral

Reception Venue: Westin Hotel

Wallace’s Bethel Park

A to Z Collection

Party Cake (Brookline)

Caterer: Westin

Reception Venue Contact Person: Ashleen Wilwohl

Bride’s Dress Designer: Justin Alexander

Bride’s Shoes: Thalia

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