Welcome! I hope you have a blast viewing the images showcased within this site. After ten years and 500 plus weddings, my portfolio has grown into one that holds hundreds of memories. I suggest starting with my all-time favorites located in my portfolio (button below) and then browsing through recent weddings found under “featured weddings”. Take your time, grab a hot coffee and a warm snack and don’t forget to contact me on your way out as I always love meeting new people! 

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Pittsburgh based wedding photographer who has a love for candids, ladybugs, pumpkin spice coffee, and stale brownies.


It’s true. I have a thing for candids. They have a special place in my heart, however choosing me as your wedding photographer doesn’t mean you have to go without portraits. Portraits are done with a similar style to candids. I suggest a look or action and then allow you to naturally fall into that pose. The level of interjection from me depends on the comfort level that you posses in front of the camera. My style is bold and creative. I adore drama and absolutely love to do portraits at night (take a look towards the end of my favorite portraits collection). If you rather have a more romantic and natural feel to your portraits, this can be achieved as well.  Drama doesn’t always mean lighting and high fashion. The love you two have for each other and the bond that is created as husband and wife can be just as dramatic.